Painting (above) by Simon Pemberton       Website http://www.simonpemberton.com Twitter @pemberton_simon Instagram @pemberton.simoWebsite Light   I will not try to cheer you with the never-quite-night, bright Christmas light announced by the endless Christmas tunes in shops. I will not say there is twinkling tinsel wrapped around branches to cheer you, or white crisp clear air, biting sharp in your throat.  I will not describe the joy on children’s faces when […]

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Inspired by Patsy Middleton

Painting by @beryl Touchard The sun is rising over the purple water, launching on the bosom of the golden moor trailing shadows over warm rock. My tongue is slow, a strange motive because the flavour of the air is so subtle? Senses savouring a stranger cause, yet unexplored, long enough to be amazed again. Painting […]

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Underneath the Lemon Tree

August 21, 2016 The sound of the tzitzikia is so loud,  I comment to a friend as we sit beneath a lemon tree  in Maroussi, Athens. I notice as I chat away that the stridulation is sporadic – one moment the cicadas are humming in full swing, the next stopping before the next chorus inevitably reaches a crescendo  […]

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