A Tribute to the late Doris Lessing




Doris Lessing Born 1919, D. 2014.

Dear Doris,

You will be missed. For the work we are missing now you have gone.

In your own words:

“My soul  is a room, a great room, a hall – it is empty, waiting.” We shan’t know now what that would come to be filled with.

and then: “A great space that enlarges, that grows that spreads with the steady lightening of the human soul.”

With your acute sensitivity and sensibility you remind me that, “If we don’t feel, how can we believe anything is happening to us at all.”


You breathed life in to so may other worlds, have smiled life.

You have helped to make readers who they are through different ways of seeing.  You have touched us but now let go into space like a free bird.

Thank you Doris Lessing




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