summer travel 2016

I’m  fortunate to have worked my socks off and to be able to  spend the next five weeks visiting Athens, Piraeus, the Greek isle of Agistri, Boitias, Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Instead of scribbling here and there in this notebook or that, I  decided to publish  in the form of  Travel Writing.

The aim of these pieces is to inform, entertain, and celebrate differences that catch my eye, or ear;   widen our understanding of other places, of other people as well as serve as a memory. Who knows it may even actually be of some use in providing information on places you’d like to visit – although there are the Lonely Planet guidebooks for that!

Having read a couple of LP guidebooks,  this blog may  offer additional information not already cited there.

Hope you enjoy this window into worlds you may never see – at least not the way I see!

I look forward to posting my first shared travel blog and many more thereafter!

JD July 28th,  2016