Underneath the Lemon Tree

August 21, 2016

lemon tree

The sound of the tzitzikia is so loud,  I comment to a friend as we sit beneath a lemon tree  in Maroussi, Athens.


I notice as I chat away that the stridulation is sporadic – one moment the cicadas are humming in full swing, the next stopping before the next chorus inevitably reaches a crescendo  once more.  Sometimes you don’t notice if you are talking, until,  that is, it goes silent.

After some time passed I asked my friend,  ‘What makes them stop and start like that?’  She looked thoughtful for a moment, then replied,  ‘Well it must surely be the conductor!’

Perhaps it’s really not that funny, or perhaps it is just that I am delighted and happy to see my friend and to be back in Greece, but we howl with laughter.

cicada music


2 thoughts on “Underneath the Lemon Tree

  1. Julie’s blogs on Greece and Crete are so evocative that you just want to book a holiday straight away to experience all the wonderful sights, sounds and tastes of the region. I’m looking forward to the next instalment!

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