The distance to navigate on the journey of the heart.

. . Mothering is a long long process of letting go, gradually; teasing out the long-held, well- worn thread, held tenderly between your heart and your child’s, until it is barely perceptible, though this thread is so strong that it can never be broken. That is not to say that the thread hasn’t become knotted or tangled,  at times lost even.   Yes, there will be changes and that will bring sadness. I will miss her so much she will perhaps never know how much. But maybe in the act of loosening the tie even more,    I somehow keep her closer. Communication is of the essence. Communication, active listening, selflessness as opposed to selfishness- that thinking only of your own needs , your own life’s desires has never honestly made any sort of relationship stand the test of time .

For this journey I will need to pack resilience, hope, belief and mountains of love.

A mobile phone will come in handy too!


4 thoughts on “The distance to navigate on the journey of the heart.

  1. Hi Julie,

    Beautiful heartfelt words, threads can never be broken; I am sure you are absolutely correct in saying that and time always has a habit of revealing everything.

    Love Mumxxxx


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  2. Oh Dear Julie, is it that time already. I wept and wept with all three of mine. But never as much as when they went to school. University was exciting and gave them a real sense of grown upness. Or at least that is what I tried to persuade myself.
    and as you say there is the mobile phone. no waiting by a random phone box in case your parent should ring you at the appointed time!

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